I am a film maker, artist, musician, interative designer, photographer and writer.

Although I make things across many different forms, I find all of them to be incredibly connected. Being a musician affects the way I think about film and being film maker affects the way I think about photography. I made this portfolio page as a way to showcase some of the projects that I have created, bringing together an eclectic array of works across a variety of mediums.

I work as a videographer both in contractual and freelance capacities, primarily creating content for the web as well as conference, training and music videos. Additionally, I am a tutor at The University of Waikato teaching animation, video production and videogame design.

I recently completed my master's degree and am currently looking for work in the fields of film and video production, game development and tertiary teaching.

If you would like to contact me for personal, press or employment enquires, feel free to send me an email!

History of Works:


The Empath (2013)
The Last Man (2011)
Cementerio de las Almas (2011)
Ole The Brave (2010)

Visual Essay

The Spaces In Between (2011)


Drowning In A Wishing Well  -  Self-Titled (2011)
MC JB – MC JB And Friends (2011)
Death Of A Phoenix - Phantoms - (2010)
Death Of A Phoenix – Crows (And What They Taught Us) – (2010)

Music Video

The Zone – The City (2013)
MC JB – I Am Vengeance I Am The Night (2013)
The Rob$tar – Tween Dream (2011)
MC JB – Life Of A Farmer (2012)


Invisible Cities (2013)
I Remember The Rain (2012)
Fall Up (2012)
Experiments In Space And Frame (2012)
Olympdics (2012)
Land Of The Lizards (2009)
People Hate What They Can't Understand (2007)
Vortex (2007)
Shuttle 2 (2006)
Bloba (2006)
Shuttle (2004)